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Zoey Crow

'Tis the season for angry crows here in Metro Vancouver (they're guarding their nests – eggs and now fledglings). Inspired in part by this, and wanting to do an artistic project in Adobe Illustrator, I drew this artwork, "Zoey Crow". Zoey Crow is mad because you're too close to her nest and not readily giving up your food. Silly hoo-man.

It's an attempt to make something complicated with lots of simple shapes (mostly ellipses, triangles, and line segments). Looking at reference photos also made me realize that crows are, in their way, very colourful birds – I've tried to emphasize that here.

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Yzma Wrapping Paper

I bought my girlfriend a birthday present. Then I put the present into a box, then I put that box inside of another box... well, it's important to say that in the end I did NOT smash it with a hammer. However, I did use Adobe Illustrator's LiveTrace ability to turn some iconic images from The Emperor's New Groove into thematically-appropriate wrapping paper. An Illustrator-compatible PDF is linked here, for your vector-printing pleasure.

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Many years ago, as a music composition student at UBC, I took the electro-acoustic music course. Our mid-term project required us to record environmental noises and manipulate them to create a composition. A longtime Metro-Vancouverite, I've always liked the sounds the Skytrain made, so I recorded some of them. This was made many years ago using C-Sound.

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