Parenting Alongside Technology

My latest blog for is the culmination of lots of research, several interviews, and a week of furious writing. I interviewed the parents of four families to find out how they navigate the difficult and complicated matter of parenting alongside modern technologies like video games, snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube. From the article:

One of many topics that the OpenMedia community regularly requests information on is the intersection of parenting and technology. How do I keep my kids safe online? How do I talk to my kids about the Internet? What kinds of rules and boundaries should I set? It’s a doozy of a subject: broad, with lots of complexity, and many subtleties. Furthermore, when many of today’s parents were young, the Internet was young too, so parents often don’t even have a personal frame of reference to gauge if they’re doing an okay job.

Special thanks go to my friend Kurtis Findlay for providing the adorable portraits.

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