Some Validation

On this blog and social media, I've been trying to push the label of "Science Denial" onto the current encryption debate. When a plurality of experts say something isn't possible/feasible, and politicians refuse to listen to that, what you have there is science denial.

Sadly, no one really picked up that ball and ran with it. I was starting to fear that what I thought was a powerful piece of rhetoric in this argument was just hubris.

Thankfully, Cory Doctorow's latest piece in the Guardian today validates the argument:
Thereā€™s precedent for this kind of contradiction, where something urgent is considered a settled matter in expert circles, but is still a political football in policy circles: climate change. Denialism is a deadly feature of 21st-century life.

I recommend a full read through for everyone. Doctorow has taken all the most powerful arguments and distilled them into a potent tonic. Magnifique.
Jesse Schooff