minutor Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8

Hi everyone from Google! This post is really out of date, and there are plenty of up-to-date extensions for minutor.

minutor - it's a top-down, 2D map-viewer for Minecraft worlds. I like using it for navigation, especially since I can peel away layers to see what's beneath the surface. It really is a great tool.

Unfortunately, the creator hasn't updated the program since 2013, meaning that all the blocks released last year in Minecraft 1.8 show up as ugly neon-fuschia pixels, bearing the tag, "Unknown".

I finally decided to do the internet a favour and do something about it. minutor supports "Definition Packs" which allow you to expand the types of blocks it recognizes. I've updated the vanilla pack with the 1.8 blocks and subtypes. Now your ocean monuments, sea lanterns, diorite, andesite, granite, and yes, your non-oak fences and doors, will show up with the correct colour and label.

To use this pack:

  1. Download my mine18.json
  2. In minitor, select "Manage Definitions..." (it's under "View" on Mac)
  3. Click "Add Pack", and find the mine18.json file
  4. My file will automatically replace the vanilla Block Definitions
  5. Load your world and enjoy!

Keep in mind that this overwrites minitor's vanilla block definitions. If for some reason you need to restore the old definitions, you'll need to re-install minutor.

Jesse Schooffminecraft