I'm Back

Greetings fellow Humans. This post marks culmination of my long-contemplated return to blogging. After spending almost a decade (~2003-2011) previously blogging on this domain (under the title "Geekman's World") my posts petered out and I decided to transition to using social media.

That was disastrous.

Social media is death to writing. Don't get me wrong, I love social media as a sort of tool for social-interaction micro-transactions. A "Like" here, a witty comment there, a continuous stream of outrage over the shitty thing conservative politicians are doing... but it does not foster creativity. It's a good platform for sharing other people's creations, but that's it.

Many of the posts I made over my first eight years of blogging are best left dead. However, I will ressurect some of my best work from the old Geekman's World, from the equally-defunct "Twisted Pair" IT blog, and from Facebook notes.

This will be a place where Jesse Schooff can interact with the world at large. This will be a home for writing, IT stuff, political discussion focusing on digital rights, graphic design, music, and any other creativity I spew forth into your hopefully consenting eyes.

I hope to improve on the site design, but well see: a simple design follows a simple function. Stay tuned! And thanks for reading.
Jesse Schooffmeta