Bead Sprites: Chrono Trigger

I have discovered fuse beads! Known more often by their brand names (Perler, Hama, and Artkal, to name a few), they're simply coloured HDPE beads used to create 2D art, and enjoying a surge in popularity thanks in part to their being a great medium for recreating sprite art from classic 8 and 16-bit video games.

For my first big project, I decided to create the main cast from the amazing Squaresoft RPG Chrono Trigger. Check out my full gallery on imgur

After the Fire: The Collateral Damage of Vancouver's Housing Crisis

It was August 26th, I was browsing the internet during slack time at work. "WTF is on fire downtown??" asked someone in the /r/Vancouver subreddit, posting a picture of black smoke billowing from somewhere near the edge of Strathcona. It soon became clear that a home was on fire in that neighbourhood. As I glanced at my Facebook feed through the rest of the day, something else became clear: that I knew a person who lived in that home.

The Layers of Us

Taking a cab ride home from a friend's Christmas party, my friend Nadia and I took some time to chat about the nature of our selves. Nadia wondered to me that perhaps we have preconceived notions of ourselves that we cling to, many years after we've formed them. Are those notions of self still valid, or more delicately, useful, so many years after they were constructed?

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