Welcome to my Creativomitorium. This is a page onto which I can spew and amalgamate any creative work I've done which I'm proud of, which doesn't really fall into any other category.


RaQ Jukebox

I used an old RaQ Cobalt server case, a LaCie SATA-to-ThunderBolt hub, an Adafruit LCD, and lots of ingenuity to create a custom drive enclosure and jukebox that I continue to use to this day. The project got a lot of positive feedback and made it onto the main pages of both Hack-a-Day and Instructables (where the project is detailed).

Yzma Wrapping Paper

I bought my girlfriend a birthday present. Then I put the present into a box, then I put that box inside of another box... well, it's important to say that in the end I did NOT smash it with a hammer. However, I did use Adobe Illustrator's LiveTrace ability to turn some iconic images from The Emperor's New Groove into thematically-appropriate wrapping paper. An Illustrator-compatible PDF is linked here, for your vector-printing pleasure.

Starfleet Intelligence Logo

I didn't design this, of course. But variants of this logo, and the other departments of Starfleet, have been floating around for a while. A few people have made high-res versions in Illustrator, but no one has made the vector art available for download. So, here's mine, in PDF format.


Many years ago, as a music composition student at UBC, I took the electro-acoustic music course. Our mid-term project required us to record environmental noises and manipulate them to create a composition. A longtime Metro-Vancouverite, I've always liked the sounds the Skytrain made, so I recorded some of them. This was made many years ago using C-Sound.


I help curate a cephalopod-interest page with some friends on Facebook. I can't take credit for the title, but I did create to logo and the branding.